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In its continuous activity – the replenishing of its COLLECTION with valuable works of art, the ZEPTER MUSEUM has acquired nineteen new works in 2016: five of them are gifts (two sculptures by Venija Vučnić Turinski, three are paintings by Bogoljub Boba Jovanović), while the rest are mostly sculptures–objects by Jovan Kratohvil, Zdravko Joksimović, Saša Pančić and the youngest generation of sculptors (still working in the Faculty studios) Jovan Dostanić and Luka Cvetković, but there are also worthy works by Dimitrije Peca Pecić, Branislav Bane Mihajlović, Leonid Šejka and Aleksandar Rafajlović. The new artworks will find adequate places in the Museum display.